Why do you need Youtube video downloader? To answer that question, I will be exposing you to some facts that resonate the answer in the next paragraph.

Youtube is the worlds largest videos sharing network online, and is equally the second most visited social media network just behind Facebook. In 2019, statistics showed that YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide. It has the second highest monthly users just a spot behind Facebook. Youtube, no doubts, houses millions of interesting videos which do not reduce in numbers, but increase daily as the billions of monthly active users keep uploading videos unabated.

The videos on Youtube have niche coloration such that no matter your interest, you would definitely come across a video that you like. Then, how do you download such videos when you come across one for youtube do not have download button at its interface?

At this point, you need an online Youtube video downloader, and I will be putting you through on how to download YouTube videos online.

Note: You can equally use a Youtube video download app, but the scope of this guide is only for online Youtube video downloader tools.

How to download YouTube video online?

Downloading a Youtube video online involves just 3 steps as shown below

Step 1. Copy YouTube Video URL

Copy your video URL from YouTube that you need to download. You can use Ctrl+C or with the context menu.


Step 2. Paste in search field

Paste YouTube video URL in the search field and click ‘Search’. Use Ctrl+V.


Step 3. Download The Youtube Video

You will get a list of files for download, video, and audio. Click the ‘Download’ button to start downloading the file.

Step 1. Copy YouTube Video URL Of A Youtube Video

Go to Youtube, and search for any video that interests you, when you find one, move the cursor to the video frame interface and click CTL+V. Or better still, right click on the video frame interface. A video location copy options would appear, left click on Copy Video URL as shown on the screenshot below to copy the Video URL. In the case of this guide, I copied video address for a ducumentary on lions.

how to download a youtube video

Step 2. Copy YouTube Video URL Into An Online Youtube Video Downloader

Here, I shall use a popular online youtube videos downloader called Y2mate to illustrate the steps involved. Currently, this youtube video downloader tool ranks no 1 on Google SERP for the keyword Youtube video downloader. So pardon me to use it in this guide for illustrative purpose for I deemed it worthy for reference here.

Visit Y2mate, and you will get the below homepage interface with the videos url bar.

popular youtube video downloader

Paste the video URL into the  address bar as shown below.

youtube downloader

Step 3. Download The Youtube VideoAdd Your Heading Text Here

Still on the Y2Mate front page interface, you can click on any file size format you wish, and you are good to go. Note, the moment you paste the copied youtube video URL into the downloader bar, the file sizes highlights as shown below. You just have to click on your choice size format for the video. See below screenshot for clarity.

Youtube video downloader

In summary, there are different other youtube video downloaders online that are capable of giving you what you want. You can explore, or make some researches about them. However, anyone you settle with still has the same modus as explained in this guide. Thank you for visiting.

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