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How To Download Twitter Videos

Have you been wondering why twitter does not have option for downloading video clips that users post on the platforms. well they have there own reasons for that. However, if you wish to learn how you can download twitter videos in breeze with no hazels, there are numerous twitter video downloaders out there to use.

The most important thing is that this twitter video downloaders are mostly free to use, and in fewer occasions, some of them are freemium. all you have to do is to go ahead and follow the instructions here to download whatever, video that interest you on twitter. The next paragraph is where the necessary steps have been highlighted for you.

Steps to using twitter video downloader to download videos

Step 1: Scroll To Any Twitter  Video Of Your Choice

Log on to Twitter and scroll through the feeds, you will definitely see a few videos that you like. Scroll to one at a time and move the cursor to the twitter video interface. Right click once to copy the video as seen in the screenshot below.

Twitter video downloader

Step 2: Go To Video Downloader Of Your Choice

There are many dedicated tools for downloading twitter videos. However, within the scope of this guide, we shall give example with a notable videos downloader for twitter. This tool ranks at first position on Google SERP.  It is no other tool, but an online tool called Twitter Videos Downloader

Go straight to Twitter Video Downloader. You will see an interface that looks like this screenshot below.

download twitter videos

Step 3: On The URL bar on The Downloader, Insert the Video URL

With reference to step 1 above, insert the Video URL you copied from the twitter feeds into the bar you see on the video downloader tool by clicking CTR+V. The video URL would appear exactly like what follows (that you see)  below.

how to download twitter videos

Step 4: Go Ahead And Click The Download Button A The End Of The URL Bar

This is the last step to explore and you will have that twitter video that interests you downloaded to your hard drive. When you check the twitter video downloader tool front page interface, there is always a download button. All you have to do is just a click on that download button, and you will have that video downloaded. However, in most cases, there use to appear video size formats, just select one, and you will have it downloaded, quickly.

See the screenshot below for clarity.

downloading twitter videos

After you click on the download button as shown above, you get the interface whose screenshot is shown below. And, that will be all, you will have downloaded that interesting twitter videos 

video downloader image

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