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Who is Graham Clark? This is the question on the minds of so many people who are curious to know more about the epic twitter hacking mastermind that occurred in 15 July, 2020. Here, I will try to throw more light to his lifestyle that led him into cyber fraud. It is believed that the Tampa teen, Graham Clark is a product of strained family relationship.

Things to know  Graham Ivan Clark, the online mischief-making Wonder Kid

Graham Ivan Clark by the age of 10, was playing the video game Minecraft, in part to escape what he told friends was an unhappy home life reflecting his chaotic family life. In Minecraft online gaming website, he became known as an adept scammer with an explosive temper who cheated people out of their money, several friends alleged.

At 15, he graduated from a Minecraft petty scammer to joined an online hackers’ forum. By 16, probably after understanding the craft of online scamming he gravitated to the world of Bitcoin. He appeared to be involved in a theft of $856,000 of the cryptocurrency, though he was never charged for it, social media and legal records show. To lend credence to suspicion that he scammed people to the tune of hundreds of thousands of Dollars, on Instagram posts afterward, he showed up with designer sneakers and a bling-encrusted Rolex. And within his neighborhood was seen flexing around.

Graham Clack, More about Twitter Hacker Graham Clark


Sharp Facts About Graham Clark The Twitter Hacker

  • Graham Clark, the 17-year-old charged with orchestrating a massive Twitter hack last month, reportedly has a history of scamming people with Bitcoin.
  • Clark faces 30 felony charges in Florida, where he is accused of taking over dozens of verified Twitter accounts, including those of Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Kim Kardashian, to trick people into handing over money.
  • Legal records show that Clark was previously suspected of being involved in the theft of $856,000 at age 16 but was never charged.
  • He also reportedly built a reputation in Minecraft communities as a grifter who would frequently scam people out of their money.

In line with the above highlighted facts, new details are surfacing about the 17-year-old accused of “masterminding last month’s massive Twitter hack and they reveal a pattern of scams dating back years.

Graham Ivan Clark was the subject of a criminal investigation in which Florida prosecutors seized $15,000 and 400 Bitcoin last year, his lawyer said .

However, prosecuting authorities, maybe due to his age, ultimately did not charge Clark last year and returned the cash and 300 Bitcoin to him, worth over $3 million. The victim in that case told The New York Times that prosecutors didn’t charge Clark at the time because he was still a minor.

Nevertheless, in the past years, Clark reportedly built a reputation as a frequent petty scammer online, including in the online video game Minecraft. Clark’s former friends told The New York Times that he would regularly demand money in exchange for in-game items, only to keep the items for himself after receiving payment.

The teenager’s digital misbehavior ended Friday when the police arrested him at a Tampa, Florida, apartment. Florida prosecutors said Clark, now 17, was the “mastermind” of a prominent hack last month, accusing him of tricking his way into Twitter’s systems and taking over the accounts of some of the world’s most famous people, including Barack Obama, Kanye West and Jeff Bezos.

His arrest raised questions about how someone so young could penetrate the defenses of what was supposedly one of Silicon Valley’s most sophisticated technology companies. Clark, who prosecutors said worked with at least two others to hack Twitter but was the leader, is being charged as an adult with 30 felonies.

Millions of teenagers play the same video games and interact in the same online forums as Clark. But what emerges in interviews with more than a dozen people who know him, along with legal documents, online forensic work and social media archives, is a picture of a youth who had a chaotic family relationship and who spent much of his life online becoming skilled at convincing people to give him money, photos and information.

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Twitter Hacking Mastermind: Who is Graham Clark The Hacker?

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