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Mike tyson:

Iron Mike will return to action after retiring from the sports 15-years ago . He last competed in a losing effort back in 2005 against Holyfield. Since then, he has undergone significant changes to his personal lifestyle and has ventured into the cannabis Business industry. He has used his platform to discuss the benefits of marijuana consumption and has opened up a discussion about the same. The legalization of Cannabis has embolden his business.

Furthermore, he has explored the podcast world himself by creating the massively popular ‘Hot Boxin’ podcast around the aforementioned theme.

Mike Tyson Gives some insight

The legendary boxer explained that he has temporary stopped the consumption of weed as he sets himself to prepare for Roy Jones Jr. He stressed upon the discipline it requires to refrain from any indulgences when preparing the mind and body for combat.

Iron Mike Tyson to make a comeback

“I’ve pretty much stopped [smoking weed], when you do something like that [return to fighting] it’s all about change. You have to practice it, they say, if you practice it for a year, you’ll be better for it. The more you do it, the better you become.”

Although the fight against Jones will be an exhibition bout than the actual lethal combat that people will have loved to see, however, Tyson is expected to bring significant energy to the bout. Furthermore, in his hey days, he stayed away from physical indulgences for months while gearing up for a fight. Boxing enthusiasts and critics have attributed Mike’s success to his willingness to face adversity.

I have pretty much stopped, Mike Tyson. Details life style changes

The comeback mega  fight is going down in late November, and fans of boxing sport await the return of “Iron Mike”. The high-profile nature of the bout means that a mainstream audience will tune in to watch Mike Tyson. Given his lifestyle changes, it seems like Tyson is serious about putting on a show-stopping performance, despite his age.

Literotica take: Let these men respect the value and sanctity of retirement from any field of endeavor, for it is a natural ordinance that uniqueness and existence of mankind must move on from generation to generation. They should allow the young to take the center stage. There were boxing great before Tyson and Co, and they didn’t takeaway the attention from Iron Mike and Co through a comeback years after they retired and paved way. Tyson and Co should not do that to current generation of boxers irrespective of their categories.

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