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Chinese Food restaurants might appear very serene and appealing to the eyes, such that by mere looking at the front view, one might be tempted to go in for a meal. However, I suggest you say no to the attraction which the fancy nature of the Chinese restaurants where Chinese foods are sold for a lot is going on behind the scene. Have you heard about Chinese wet market? In case you have not heard about The Chinese Wet Market before, below is a brief explanation of what a Wet Market is.

A wet market (also called a public market) is a marketplace selling fresh meat, fish, produce, and other perishable goods as distinguished from “dry markets” that sell durable goods such as fabric and electronics.Not all wet markets sell live animals, but the term wet market is sometimes used to signify a live animal market in which vendors slaughter animals upon customer purchase, such as is done with poultry in Hong Kong. Wet markets are common in many parts of the world, notably in China, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. These include a wide variety of markets, such as farmers’ markets, fish markets, and/or wildlife markets.They often play critical role in urban food security due to factors of pricing, freshness of food, social interaction, and local cultures… Read More

This video clip below will help and elaborate what we are telling you here about the kind of meal you might be served when you visit China on a business trip.



In relation to the above, A Chinese Wet Market is called “wet” to differentiate it from markets selling “dry” packaged goods such noodles. Notable of such market, is the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, which was believed to have played a role in the COVID-19 pandemic, although investigations into whether the virus originated from non-market sources was con of concluded in April 2020 with no headway to backup the claim. The Chinese foods sold in this wet markets ranges from insects, worms, and arachnids of varying species

If you have been hearing of Chinese Food restaurants and you wish to visit one for a meal, do know that you are likely to be offered a plate of fried worms and insects in your meal.

Disclaimer: the Chinese Wet Markets. Remember, every people have their own unique cultures, and the Chinese are no exception. In line with this, the Chines foods and the mode at which they are prepared is a reflection of their culture. As we all know, This post does not entail that there is no good Chinese food out there. There are a number of Chinese restaurants where you could go and get the best of Chinese delicacies that are well prepared. However, vast majority of Chinese restaurants sell per-boiled, and all-most-raw foods. However, culture is a way of life of a people, in terms of believe. So therefore, we must respect other peoples culture.

This video clip below will help and elaborate what we are telling you here about the kind of meal you might be served when you visit China on a business trip.

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Chinese Food: The Chinese Wet Market Sell Dirty Foods
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