Body Found Outside Prince William And Kate's House In Kensington Palace Lake

A woman’s dead body has been reportedly found in a Kensington Palace lake – home to Prince William Kate Middleton and Princess Eugenie.

Literotic learned that the body was found, and retrieved last weekend from one of the ornamental lakes at the front of the London Kensington, London palace.

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Statement by the police stated that, the corpse was found during a search for artist  Endellion Lycett Green – granddaughter of poet laureate Sir John Betjeman. The 51-year-old artist had been missing for a week. Coincidentally, the police were searching in the grounds of the London palace for her when they came across the corpse of another woman whose identity has so far remained unknown.

Daily Mail, stated that Green’s relatives were wrongly informed of her passing without confirmation, but then she was found alive and well – much to the relief of her loved ones, and by extension, the surprise of some others. The identity of the dead woman has not been confirmed. However, Delli was later found alive, and the corpse turned out to be that of another woman.
Body Found Outside Prince William And Kate's House In Kensington Palace Lake
Kensington Palace

In a heart warming message of gratitude and relief written by her brother, John Lycett Green on-behalf of the family and which was quoted by the Daily Mail,  reads:

“Thank you all for the support and love you showed for Delli and her family. Sorry to all of you that, like us, were grieving for the wonder that is Delli. We were told a body was found and was her. It was not, and Delli was found last night.”

The incident took place while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their three young children were in Balmoral, Scotland, visiting the Queen. Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank also live at Ivy Cottage within the palace grounds, as well as many other royals.

Following an interview with the Daily Mail, a Scotland Yard spokesperson stated: “The death is being treated as unexplained at this time, but is not thought to be suspicious.”

Body Found Outside Prince William And Kate’s House In Kensington Palace Lake

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