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Literotic is a website that makes you happy via sex stories, erotic ebooks (PREMIUM eBooks), videos and photos.

We bring you the best premium eBooks that are enriched with all the obscene sexual fetishes you can think of so as to give you the sexual fantasy fulfillment you desire.

In addition, Literotic is a website for you, if you love watching, or seeing sexy women photos and videos. Because here, we have made it a point of duty to routinely post nude photos of sexy women of all races. 

Still in line to our resolve to make you cum at the slightest moment of being on our website, Literotic have decided to always dish out blog post centered on sexuality, and various sex enhancement tips for your delight, and performance in bed. We equally have a category for sex terms and terminologies. Do explore them to understand and deepen your knowledge of bedmatics.

Our posts centers on different aspects of sexuality and sexual orientations. You get to learn how to fuck that your new skinny, busty, chubby, fat  bitches,etc. It is a promise, you get naughtier by the time you will have opened several pages of this website. 

In fact, that is not all, Literotic is a website you can leverage on, if you want to be on top of your game as a man or woman.

Your sex life will get to improve, after being on our website, and having a feel of our premium ebooks which cost a little above a dollar..

To crown it all, Literotic will occasionally bring you brutal porn videos where you got to see how to fuck a woman to dizziness, after which she wouldn’t be able to walk straight again. You will see from our hand-picked videos from our partners what it is like when a woman has her vagina fisted. We have equally included a list free nude cam, and numerous other adult content related sites from our partners.

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Lest I forget, the eBooks that we sell at are very sex arousing, you have to keep a bundle of tissue paper close-by, be it in an office block, conference halls, or any other location, etc, for you gonna cum reading our short sex stories.

our eBooks are so brutal in sexual fantasy narration such that you might be tempted to rape someone if you do not have self control. We advise that when you read our eBooks, you should do so in company of your wife, husband, boyfriend, and girlfriend, so that when our strong  sexual eBooks arouse you genitals, you will be able to have someone to fuck, and ease of your sexual tension.

Literotic is inclined to celebration of endowed women, with great emphasis on African women, and African-American women.

We get to bring your African traditional views as regards to sex and sexuality in general. We will occasionally examine different African cultural sex rituals with a supporting videos to showcase our descriptions of what sex means in different cultures and traditions in Africa.

At Literotic, we equally accept submission of real life sex stories to make up our blog stories. We are open to your service.